Technology can provide a wealth of entertainment, convenience, and security for our clients. But at TheExperts, we strive to offer all of this while making a minimal impact on the interior design of your family’s home. We work closely with the designer, to ensure that all of the electronic systems are integrated in a such way that is harmonious with the aesthetic vision that you have for the home. Rather than simply hanging a TV on a wall, TheExperts can motorize it, so that it retracts into the ceiling – invisible from view when not in use. Or we can motorize a piece of canvas artwork, to drop down and conceal the TV.

To discreetly fill the home with sound and music, TheExperts will utilize speakers disguised as recessed lighting fixtures. We even offer solutions which are completely invisible! Many of our products are also available in custom finishes, or can be faux painted to blend with any material or décor.

The possibilities are as endless as our imagination. And through careful coordination, TheExperts will deliver a system that is as visually appealing as it is enjoyable.