Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring is the wiring and cabling system within your home or office that supports various digital technologies. Structured Wiring is often referred to as Low Voltage Structured Wiring or simply Low Voltage. Low voltage services could range from a simple telephone system to a complex infrastructure for routing concurrent high definition HDMI video streams from multiple sources to multiple TVs and projectors. Some of the low voltage services we provide are:structured wiring

  • Structured wiring for security, entertainment, and voice / data communication
  • Cable testing, repair, organization, and documentation
  • Rescue and reorganization or existing structured wiring
  • Home and business telephone system implementation
  • Interior and exterior lighting and integration with home automation

TheExperts have the knowledge and experience to build a low voltage wiring solution to fit your lifestyle. Our solutions will not only meet your needs today, but also be ready for what tomorrow may bring without having to cut into your walls.

Each low voltage wiring system we install is neatly labeled and fully documented. This eases future upgrades and troubleshooting.  Every project is tested and confirmed through assessment of point-to-point connectivity and signaling speeds using state-of-the-art devices.